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Brown sanding cap chiropody abrasive brown fused alumina |Chiyan

Quick Detail:

Material: Brown Fused Alumina

Color: Brown

Grit:80 Grit(corase),120 Grit(medium),180 Grit(fine)

Size: 5*11, 7*13, 10*15, 11*19, 16*25

Package: 100pcs/bag

Usage: Manicure&Pedicure

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CHIYAN brown Sanding cap is the most classic one on the market. It is also called chiropody abrasive cap because people use it to remove keratinous skin and callus during pedicure. The brown fused alumina cap is disposable, convenient, efficient and time-saving.

Pedicures are becoming more and more popular. It is characterized by increased safety and also allows girls to keep their legs in perfect condition for a long time. Therefore, many beauty salons provide pedicure services, and many girls like to perform this at home. In order for this process to be correct, you need to buy a sanding cap for the pedicure.

Our brown sanding cap has below advantages:

1. first quality brown fused alumina for regular sanding cap

2. Environmental water-repellent adhesive

3. Based on PA, high temperature resistance

4. Made in Shanghai for inspection

5. Customized packaging

6. High temperature sterilization before delivery

7. It can be stored in a dry environment for 3 years

8. Suitable for most types of Nail Art Drill Machine

9. Can be used for natural nails as well as artificial nails

10. For professional studio use or home use

11. These caps fit tightly on the nail drill machine - there is no danger of "flying away" during use and they are easy to remove and replace.

Proper use advice for brown fused alumina cap:

Please note: If you go to a beauty salon for pedicure, the sand cap for this program should only be used once. That is, when you enter, the owner opens a new package with a lid and throw it away after the program is completed. In this case, the treatment of the foot should be performed on dry skin.
Shanghai Chiyan Abrasives Factory is one native factory with independent foreign trade department. Our worker has 15 years experience in producing chiropody abrasive caps.
We as always, make unremitting efforts to become your solid strength.

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High grinding efficiency and wearproof;
High cost-effective
Facilitate loading and unloading
Polishing smooth
Product quality guarantee

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