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Green sanding band|Aluminum oxide band Wholesale| abrasives

Quick Detail:

Material: Alumina Oxide
Color: Green
Size: 6.35 x 12.7mm
Quantity: 100pcs/bag
Gross Weight: 19kg/carton(80#),18kg/carton(150#),17kg/carton(240#)

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The green sanding band is made of aluminum oxide which is USA imported raw material.The green sanding bands have purple lining cloth is . It is transparent and non-toxic and environmentally friendly glue.Sanding Surface is smooth. The glue is equally distributed. No extra glue spilled. No opening.The cut is smooth and has no burrs. It is easy to polish the edges of the nails and easy to handle.Two-component glue, firmly bonded. It is 12.7mm long and has an inner diameter of 6.35mm. It has three sizes of coarse,medium and fine. Great for nail power drills and other drills using 6.35mm sanding bands. Suitable for manicure, pedicure and other nail art .

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