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Oval shape bit nail carbide bit metal milling cutter|Chiyan

Quick Detail:

Name: Oval Shape Bit

Flute Size: Φ6.80mm

Overall Length: 45.0mm

Grit: XC

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The Chiyan Oval Shape Bit is used to remove Acrylics/Gel. As the oval shape of bit it is more easy to handle and fastest to remove the nail polish. The material of drill bit is imported special carbide tungsten that can increase the lifespan. This nail carbide bit is easy to clean and disinfect, wash the drill bit through clean water directly, than you can simply disinfect the bit through medicinal alcohol. The oval shape bit with low noise and vibration for smooth and long-time operation, creating less dust with little friction. It is so convenient, efficient and time-saving for your manicure. See below for product information relating to your application.

There are some advantages of the nail carbide bit:

1. Unicase

2. Higher-efficiency heat dissipation

3. High concentricity

4. Resistant to rust

5. Can resist acid, alkali and other caustic material.

6. Great Antibacterial Feature

How to use the nail drill bit :

1. Rotary grinding machine handle switch, insert the grinding head, twist back the switch.
2. Turn on the grinder switch, adjust the speed.
3. File your nails.

Please keep out of reach of children and disinfect the metal milling cutter nail drill bits after use. Always wear eye-protective safety glasses, to avoid the chippings to hurt your eyes. Our factory Shanghai Chiyan have the most advanced production equipment, can ensure efficient production level, all our metal milling cutter nail drill bit has computer control, so that the product quality is more stable as we as our workers have 15 years of production experiences. If the products you order are in stock, we will deliver in 48 hours; if not, we’ll deliver within 7-15days after receiving payment, which depends on your order items. Sincerity and international minded set will give you more comfortable service .We as always, make unremitting efforts to become your solid strength.


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