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CHIYAN abrasives sanding caps are hot sellers on the international markets. It is also called pedicure sanding caps, because people use them to remove dead skin and callus during pedicure. The pedicure sanding caps are disposable, convenient, efficient and time-saving.

We have three colors of abrasive caps: brown, pink and green. Brown fused alumina is the regular color and classic one, pink has great heat dissipation effect, it is best for skin and has good self-sharp ability and high grinding efficiency. Of course it is durable while green has the longest life and it is used for polishing aircraft originally. All of our sanding caps are made from pure natural material, and they are not industrial dyeing which is bad for health. We have Grit: 80 Grit(coarse), 120Grit(Medium), 180 Grit(fine) or any grits per your requirements

We use best quality brown fused alumina for regular sanding caps. The lining is HTPA plastic material. HTPA is a kind of material which is resistant to high temperature(150°C). It will not break when polishing. For glue we use non-toxic, eco-friendly, and transparent glue, which protects environment and users’ health. Besides, we always sterilized our products before delivery.

Please be noted that the pedicure sanding caps can and only should be used for once. The pedicurist should always take out a new package to treat a customer’s feet. After use, he should dump it. Because the caps can’t be cleaned and sterilized. 

 Second-hand caps will contain other customers’ skin particles on the surface of the product and this is a good soil for the growth of various bacteria.

Of course If you use your own pedicure at home, they can be multiply used before the abrasive layer is present.

Shanghai Chiyan Abrasives Factory is an abrasives sanding caps production factory with independent foreign trade department. All abrasive caps are from our own factory so we can assure the quality and the delivery. Talking about delivery, we can provide 70000 pieces per day.

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