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The Chiyan Silicone polisher is hot sale of our nail drill bits. Also called silicone rubber polisher.We have four different sizes for your reference ,the smallestsize is:4*12.0 and the largest we can provide is 15*17. The girt is usually made as XC/C/M/F. The holder decorated with different shape for particular using .Usually ,the silicone polisher is widely used as callus grinding .It is made with Japanese rubber , silicon and aluminum oxides. the rubber is known as skid resistance ,so it is not easy to break away from the shank when it is rotating .The shank size is 3/32mm .Refined shank is made of premium steel. Weight Balanced Shank brings a high concentricity to our holder. It is more stable when it is rotating.every Silicone polisher is single packed in the box sized 1*1*7CM. And we provide customized package and technique assistance for our customers.

AS a professional manufacturer of nail drill bits ,when our customers choose to be our partner,we guarantee the high quality and warm service,at the same time we give some NOTES as following:  

1. Check nail drill bits before use; 
2. Always wear eye-protective safety glasses; 
3. For professional use only; 
4. Do not use if it is dropped; 
5. Keep out of reach of children; 
6. Disinfect nail drill bits after use.

Usually ,the grit of the bit is C/M/F.We can use them for different things. Coarse is great to remove gel polish off acrylic or file down acrylic when shortening nails or for a new set. Medium for shaping, fine for smoothing. 

Note:If products you order are in stock ,we will deliver in 48 hours,if not,we’ll deliver within 7-15 days after receiving payment,which depends on you order items.

We are a professional nail manicure and pedicure manufactuurer in Shanghai, all kinds of nail drill bits come from our factory, guarantee high quality and delivery on time. Shanghai Chiyan Abrasives Factory is one native factory with independent foreign trade department.Every process of the nail drill bits that we produced is inspected strictly. If you are interested in our products ,we will provide free sample for your reference.Our product are constantly updated and the processing performance in the details is stable.The nail drill bit for cuticles stone can also be customized by customers,we will create the best manicure tools for you.

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