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Spherical ceramic stone nail drill bit korund bur art tool|Chiyan

Quick Detail:


Weight: approx. 50g

Material: Ceramic Stone

Color:Pink, Green, Blue

Grit: M

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The Spherical ceramic stone nail drill bit is used by professional nail salons, nail schools, nail academies and and nail artists in nail styling. It can also be used at home for nail care. The material of these stone nail art tools are made of a kind of hard stone like material combined with ceramic that can be used on the nail plate and remove edges without damaging the nail. High quality, correct handle shank diameter, 3/32" (2.35mm) can be fitted the most of machines.

Ceramic stone bit is made of a hard stone like material combined with a gritty material like sandpaper for a bit that can be used on the natural nail plate to prep and remove ridges without damaging the nail.

There are some advantages of the Spherical ceramic stone nail drill bit:

  • No clogging.
  • High temperature resistance
  • High satisfaction of customers’
  • Excellent durability and cutting ability.
  • Unusual, appealing appearance for easy recognization.
  • Protection of nail file machine.
  • 2.35mm (3/32 inch) shank diameter, our drill bit fit for most electric manicure machines on the market.

Use notice for this spherical korund burr bits:

1) Check nail bits before use, if it's broken, do not use.
3) Always wear eye-protective safety glasses to avoiding the chippings to hurt your eyes.
5) If the bits drop down, please check whether it's broken or not. if it's broken, for safety, do not use.
6) Keep out of reach of children.
7) sterilized nail bits after use.

Shanghai Chiyan Abrasives Co. Ltd is a Spherical korund burr bits manufacturer with independent foreign trade department. Our workers have 15 years’ production experience of stone nail art tools. All bits are from our own factory so we can assure the quality and the delivery. Sincerity and international minded set will give you more comfortable service.

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