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Typhoon bit cleaner nail for manicure electric nail drill|Chiyan

Quick Detail:

Name: Typhoon Bit

Flute Size: Φ6.0mm

Overall Length: 45.0mm

Grit: XC,C,M,F

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The Chiyan Typhoon bit is one directional(for Right Hand use only).Typhoon Bit is the best for removing gel-polish fast,as well as reducing down products such as acrylic or hard gels.The size:6.0*45.0mm.Shank:3/32’’(2.35mm)It is used for manicure electric nail drill.The material of Typhoon Bit is Tungsten Carbide.Shanghai chiyan abrasives factory can provide professsional manicure electric nail drill bits.It is usually considered as a nail manicure tool for cleaner nail.Its blade amplitude is obvious.But Typhoon Bit is not easy to break, not the same as ordinary material nail drill bits.Easy to handle the edges of the nails, and not harm the skin. 100% brand new and good quanlity, the hardness of the grinding wheelhead is high, stand wear and tear.Manicure electric nail drill bits can apply to nail salon or nail art.For example,carbide nail drill bits are beneficial to use at the nail bar,nail education or training school and so on.Our product are constantly updated and the processing performance in the details is stable.The nail drill bit for cleaner nail can also be customized by customers,we will create the best manicure tools for you.Timely reply, order arrangement, follow-up, after-sales, one-stop service

There are some advantages of the Typhoon Bit:

* High concentricity

* DIY nail manicure drill bits necessary

* Antibacteerial & No clogging & Antirust nail drill bit

* Be resistant to acid,alkali and heat

* Easy to handle.

* Long service life

* Provide free customized package designs and technical assistance

Note:If products you order are in stock ,we will deliver in 48 hours,if not,we’ll deliver within 7-15 days after receiving payment,which depends on you order items.

We are a professional manufactuurer of nail drill bits, all kinds of nail drill bits come from our factory, guarantee high quality and delivery on time.Chiyan Abrasives Factory is one native factory with independent foreign trade department in Shanghai.We are a professional and strong responsible team all the time.Every process of the nail drill bits that we produced is inspected strictly. If you are interested in our products ,we will provide sample for your reference.

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